Balaity Property Enhancement is a suite of services designed to enhance the appeal of commercial properties for owners, consumers, agents, and tenants.  The customized, highly targeted, and economical approach to each property identifies design opportunities for immediate and long-term improvements with a maximum return on investment.  Core services include retail design, merchandising, tenant coordination, and design review.  We specialize in the design of independent retail space and jewelry stores throughout North America.

Balaity Property Enhancement approaches architecture and interior design projects in conjunction with Patrick M. Pillot Architect.  The team combines traditional design expertise with specialized experience in the retail design industry.

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City of Arcadia Way Building

Balaity Property Enhancement recently assisted the City of Arcadia with a new facade design for its main civic building.  The original facade had significantly deteriorated and the building entrance was not ADA compliant.  The City undertook renovations on a very modest budget, with Balaity Property Enhancement donating design services.  

"I want to thank you both for your encouragement, design skill and talent regarding the Way building. . . When I first came to the City of Arcadia and went to the Way building I was surprised to find the building in the condition that it was in, not ADA compliant, cracks in the wall and run down. It now has new life and serves as an example (hopefully) of what a new beginning can be for the downtown area of the City of Arcadia. I have had numerous people stop me in the street and comment on how beautiful the building looks now and others who have expressed how very thankful they are that the building now has automatic doors. We still have a long way to go in getting the entire building together, however I did not want one more day to go by without expressing my sincere gratitude to you both for what you have done.

I would like to thank you on behalf of the citizens of the City of Arcadia, and all of the employees and visitors to the Way building."

Dr. Lawrence A. Miller, City Administrator