Balaity Property Enhancement is a suite of services designed to enhance the appeal of commercial properties for owners, consumers, agents, and tenants.  The customized, highly targeted, and economical approach to each property identifies design opportunities for immediate and long-term improvements with a maximum return on investment.  Core services include retail design, merchandising, tenant coordination, and design review.  We specialize in the design of independent retail space and jewelry stores throughout North America.

Balaity Property Enhancement approaches architecture and interior design projects in conjunction with Patrick M. Pillot Architect.  The team combines traditional design expertise with specialized experience in the retail design industry.

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Gillespie Park Modern completed

Balaity Property Enhancement relocated in 2015 to the new multifamily live/work space designed by Mr. Balaity in Sarasota's Gillespie Park neighborhood.  The building includes a ground floor live/work space, second floor rental apartment, and separate garage building with its own secnod floor apartment.  The modern design respects Gillespie Park's historic character and identity as a "front porch" community.